About us

There’s Magic In Being Unique...

Just the thought of a sparkling white diamond can bring true joy to a woman’s heart. It’s the special moment, where you’re caught between reality and dreams, that moment when you open your treasure box, and the translucent light of your cherished gems and memories reflects a stunning glow on your face….

It is from this mesmerizing vision that the new line of Dalseen Jewellery was brought to life….

“The dream was to create a line of brand name masterpieces.” Doaa Mohsen, the Egyptian designer and owner explains. “Pieces that are so unique you can’t stop staring at them, yet so richly popular, you instantly recognize them by name!”

Her passion for delicately luxurious jewellery goes way back, after receiving a degree in economics and pursuing a whole new career in the UK, centered around jewellery design, diamond grading and gemstone selection. It was no surprise to anyone around her when she launched her own brand line and quickly started exploring global horizons. Doaa’s Middle-Eastern background and her constant interest in diverse cultures, had set the stage for the rise of the Dalseen, filling a much-felt gap in today’s market. “The pieces I create are as timeless as Earth’s precious treasures. They don’t belong to a specific era, trend or fad. The blend of high-grade diamonds and gemstones simply defies the concept of time and age.”

And ‘timeless’ they truly are! Each collection shares a common theme, yet every single jewel is one-of-a-kind. Like sparkling stars in the sky, women can wear their ‘Dalseen’ pieces for decades, and they still won’t get old. “I think I’m haunted by Queen Cleopatra!” Doaa Mohsen laughed. “Before I start drawing, I close my eyes and imagine the artistic process of choosing her own jewellery. She owned minefields in many parts of Egypt, and inspected each gemstone herself before turning it into an exquisite masterpiece! Only a queen so powerful, feminine and uniquely charming understands how a flawless, work-of-art diamond or a stunningly beautiful ring can mirror royal elegance and grace. Thousands of years later, Cleopatra still amazes the world! Now that’s what I call timeless!”

“I love when my regular clients call from different parts of the world saying they recognize my jewellery beyond the shadow of doubt, and yet they’re not sure how!” Doaa smiled. “I didn’t think reality could be more beautiful than dreams. But it is….”